Trading Specification

FXOptimax Trading Condition

Execution Policy

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PLEASE NOTE, all pending orders (buy stop/sell stop/buy limit/sell limit) will be executed only if your trading account has at least 120% free margin level after the pending order is opened, including pending order that intended for hedging.
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Equity, USD
Exposure, Mil
Maximum Leverage
0-3000Less than 0.51:1000
50001 - 1000005-101:100
100000 or moreMore than 10Negotiable

Over-the-weekend leverage

To prevent negative equity on high risk accounts due to the potential gap at the market opening after weekend and holidays, the maximum leverage may be temporarily reduced to 1:100 on Friday or the last day before holiday, 5 hours before the market closure. Leverage will be reverted back to your leverage choice automatically 2 hours after the market reopens. Prior notification will be emailed before we reduce the leverage.

Leverage for High Risk Trading Style

We may also limit the leverage for several accounts to prevent negative equity in the customer account, mainly due to high risk trading style such as but not limited to: trading during high impact news announcements, martingale/averaging and/or trading with maximum lot-size. FXOptimax reserves the right to reduce the leverage of the trading account and inform the customer after adjustment is made.

Providing adequate capital and proper risk management are always recommended to all customers.

Swap Rollover

Daily swap rollover is charged from Monday to Thusday at 21:00 server time. The rollover from Wednesday to Thursday is multiplied by 3 to cover the weekend swap and Friday swap will be charged on Sunday, on the market re-opening.

Islamic Swap Free account is available upon request.

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