STP Execution Model

No Dealing Desk

All trades are directly sent to our liquidity providers.
Get to know what actually happen when you place an order.

NDD - STP Broker

Order Execution

FXOptimax is a No Dealing Desk (NDD) - Straight Through Processing (STP) forex broker.

We do not run any dealing desk and all of your trades are directly sent to our liquidity providers, which consist of top banks and prime brokers.

When an order is placed — any of market order, pending order or triggered take profit / stop loss — it will be converted to market order within our liquidity providers. A simple slight mark up will be applied to the price we get and then passed to you as the final execution price.

FXOptimax Execution Model


Learn the reason behind slippage in trades.

Positive or Negative

The Reason It May Happened

Our bridge system works exceptionally quick, just in a few milliseconds — which is also one of our main advantages.

However, just in rare occasion, when the market moves extremely fast — several new price quotes in subsecond — the price seen in your platform may already differ to the price we get from our liquidity providers. It is when slippage happens, which can be either positive or negative, depending solely on the market movement.

We completely believe it is a fair and competitive trading environment and it has been our goal to create the best possible and excelling environment to maximize your trades and profit potential, by trading with FXOptimax.

FXOptimax Execution Model

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