FXOptimax PAMM System

The Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is a solution for FXOptimax clients to have their accounts managed by more experienced traders acting as the Fund Managers. Clients can check each manager's trading statistic to see their performance before deciding to invest in a PAMM Project offered by the manager.

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PAMM system will benefit both Manager and Investor. The manager is now able to trade easily in a single Master PAMM account and FXOptimax handles the profit distribution, fees calculation as set by the manager and provides daily report for each investor. The trading performance will be displayed at FXOptimax PAMM page and a good performance will surely attract more funds to be managed.

Investors will have many options to choose to diversify the investment. For beginner traders, trusting their funds in the hands of these experts will bring greater profit within their learning curve, while more experienced traders will have the option to maximize the potential profit by investing in some PAMM projects beside trading manually in a single account.

Top PAMM Projects

Here are the best PAMM Projects available in FXOptimax. To start investing, please click on the project name and choose one of the available offers.

Project Name Total Return Average
Daily Return
Age Total
Minimum Invest Manager Capital

How to Invest on PAMM?

Each client has the freedom choose any PAMM Manager if the performance statistic attract your interest. To start investing, simply click the available PAMM Project and all available offers from the manager will be displayed. Choosing an offer will redirect you to MyFXOptimax Personal Area and you can set the investment amount after logging in. Your cash balance will be deducted and the manager will start managing your fund in the next daily rollover.

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