FXOptimax PAMM System

What is FXOptimax PAMM System?

FXOptimax PAMM System is a tool that enable money manager to receive and manage funds from some investors, in an efficient and effective way. Manager will only need to focus on the trades, FXOptimax will help you handle the rest, including the profit distribution among investors and fee calculation. Combined with FXOptimax excellent trading condition and services, this newly introduced system will surely will become the cutting edge for every forex fund manager. Furthermore, the minimum manager capital at FXOptimax PAMM System is only USD 10.

How does PAMM system work?

To better understand how our PAMM system works, we will explain in a brief illustration below. In this example, the management fee and partner commission are assumed at 0%.

At the start of first trading interval:

  • Manager opens a PAMM Account with USD 5,000 as starting capital. The manager also sets 20% for performance fee and the trading interval is monthly.
  • Investor A joins the PAMM Account with USD 2,000 with 100% compounding (all profit will be reinvested for the next interval) and investor B joins with USD 13,000 balance with no compounding option.
  • The total deposit of the PAMM account is now USD 20,000.

One month after, at the end of the interval:

  • PAMM Account earns a lot of profit during one month trades and the balance now is USD 50,000, means the profit is USD 30,000.
  • Profit for investor A is : USD 3,000 (USD 2,000 / USD 20,000 x USD 30,000) minus 20% performance fee sent to manager's cash account (USD 600), so the net profit is USD 2,400 and the balance is now USD 4,400, the profit is reinvested 100%.
  • Profit for investor B is : USD 19,500 (USD 13,000 / USD 20,000 x USD 30,000) minus 20% performance fee sent to manager's cash account (USD 3,900), so the net profit is USD 15,600 and it is sent to the cash account. The balance is still USD 13,000, no profit is reinvested.
  • Profit for manager is : USD 7,500 (USD 5,000 / USD 20,000 x USD 30,000) and sent to the cash account. Manager's balance is still at USD 5,000.

At the start of the second interval:

  • Investor C joins with USD 20,000 starting balance.
  • PAMM balance for the this interval is now USD 42,400, with the following composition : USD 5,000 (Manager) + USD 4,400 (Investor A) + USD 13,000 (Investor A) + USD 20,000 (Investor C). This composition will be the profit division basis at the end of second interval as illustrated above.

How to Create a PAMM Account?

To open a new PAMM Account, please login at your MyFXOptimax Personal Area and visit the "Create New PAMM Project" (https://secure.fxoptimax.com/pamm/newpamm). As a manager, you can set the offer parameters that will be applied to your investors' accounts.

How to Invest on PAMM Account?

To get your fund managed by a PAMM Manager, please login at your MyFXOptimax Personal Area and select the "Invest" submenu (https://secure.fxoptimax.com/pamm). You can select the PAMM Manager you would like to follow and select the offer provided by the manager, after setting the amount to be invested and compounding percentage, your cash balance will be deducted and the manager will start to manage your fund.

FXOptimax is inviting every Money Manager to take advantage of our PAMM System. All FXOptimax valuable clients are also able to experience this new PAMM System to earn higher profit at forex market. Should you have any questions or need further information regarding our PAMM System, please do not hesistate to contact us at [email protected].

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