Money Managers

Multi Account Management

FXOptimax is welcoming every Money Managers and we are very pleased to offer you our Multi Account Management (MAM) tools that will surely ease your effort in managing your clients fund. Here are the benefits we offer you through our Multi Account Management:

  • Real time P/L information for clients
  • Daily report for each client's account
  • Full trading functionality, including pending orders, TP and SL level
  • Expert Advisor support enabled
  • Flexible fee structure, including performance fee, commission being charged per trade, etc)

Each Money Manager at FXOptimax will receive benefit from the trades made in the managed accounts. As a Money Manager, you can trade manually using your own profitable strategies or using any Expert Advisors to ease your work in managing your portfolio. You can also customize the performance fee, commission and any other additional fees as benefits.

We also provide a secure system for both manager and clients. The fund will remain in each client account and client will still have 100% authority to his fund. Client's account will be virtually bridged to your master account by our MAM tools. All your trades in the master account, will be reflected in all your clients' accounts as well. Each client is able to stop the service provided by the Money Manager immediately and if there were any fees specified before, they will be applied.

We are really looking forward to have a mutual cooperation with you. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to write us at [email protected] Please also rest assured on your customers' satisfaction towards our service, as our customer supports will always gladly help them in any situation.

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